Doctor's CHoice Mattress for Back Pain

Doctor's Choice for Back Pain

Back Science™ Series 3 Mattress

$2,499 - $5,399



  • Posture-Flex™ Hypergel-Infused Buoyant, Contouring Support Surface
  • Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Lumbar Support Reinforcement
  • GripLock™ Modular Cover System for Stability and Easy Customization
  • Over 1,000 (King Size) US-Steel Individually-Wrapper Quantum-Edge Support Spring Coils
  • *Patented Airflow Transfer System™ Cooling Technology
  • 30-Year Limited Warranty + 2Xs Sag Protection of Most Mattress Warranties
  • Designed & Tested by Chiropractor Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
  • 100% USA-Made in Southern California (Manufacturing and Materials)
  • Greenguard® Gold Certified for Lowest VOC Emissions Under Highest Testing Standards for Schools & Children Indoor Air Quality
  • Try it Risk-Free with Our 365-Night Sleep Trial - No Restocking Fees, Ever!

All Positions Sleepers

Best for Side / Mixed Sleepers

  • Those who prefer a medium overall feel
  • Those who like a little extra plush comfort
  • Side / mixed position sleepers



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Side Customization Summary

The total mattress price is based on the more expensive of the two models you have chosen for each side. The modification cost is how much the price of the mattress has increased based on your selection. The depth of both sides of your mattress will be equal and are made to the height of the taller of the two models you selected. The change in depth of one side will not effect the feel of that side.

Left Side:
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Mattress Base Cost:

Modification Cost:

Total Mattress Cost:


Choose Your Sides

Choose the model / firmness you want for each side of your mattress. Both sides will have the depth of the taller of the two models you select. The price is based upon the more expensive model. The height change of one side will not affect the feel of that side of the mattress.

Left Side

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Best for back sleepers

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Introducing the Back Science™ Sleep System

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Chiropractor Dr. Rick Swartzburg Signature

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
Back Science™ C.E.O.

Let Dr. Rick Explain Why ➤

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

365-Night Sleep Trial

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

30-Year Warranty

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

Free Shipping

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

Free Comfort Adjustments

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

365-Night Sleep Trial

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

30-Year Warranty

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

Free Shipping

Back Science™ Mattress Guarantee Icon

Free Comfort Adjustments

Back Science™ Promotion Sale Special
Back Science™ Mattress Firmness

Buy Now, Pay Later.

*Promotional 0% Interest financing for 12 months available for a limited time. Contact us to inquire about Synchrony® financing offer.

Medium Feel

Extra plush-top comfort creates the most pressure-relieving experience that's soft and gentle but still buoyant and supportive.

Back Science Proper Spinal Alignment Graphic

PostureFlex™ Lifting Support

Hypergel surface actively lifts to fill in the gaps in your contour and keep you supported on the surface of the mattress without the pressure points.

Back Science Proper Spinal Alignment Graphic

Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Support

Zoned lumbar support targets your lower back and lifts your hips up without pushing against your shoulders. Higher placement offers over 2Xs more zoned support than spring-based zoning.

Back Science™ Patented Airflow Cooling Technology Airflow Transfer System

*Patented Airflow Cooling

Our *patented airflow transfer ventilation system™ gives the Back Science™ mattress up to 100Xs more breathability and keeps you cooler all night long, not just when you first lay down.

Back Science™ U.S. Steel Pocketed Spring Coils with Quantum Edge Support

Quantum Edge Support

Our Individually-Wrapped U.S. Steel Spring Coils are reinforced with a Quantum Edge to ensure proper support right up to and on the edge of the mattress.

Back Science™ Chiropractor Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.

Doctor-Designed & Tested

Designed by our Head of Product Development, Chiropractor Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. and tested by an array of qualified doctors and healthcare practitioners.

Greenguard® Gold Certified

Our mattresses have been tested by UL Labs and earned a Greenguard® Gold Ceritfication for low VOC emissions under the strictest testing standards in the world used for schools & children indoor air quality.

Over 20 Years of Excellence in Design & Innovation Over 20 Years of Excellence in Design & Innovation

Why Choose a Back Science Bed?

365-Night Sleep Trial

365-Night Sleep Trial

Modify • Exchange • Return

Completely Free Modifications & Customizations

Free Customizations

Customize for Free During Sleep Trial

30 Year Warranty Badge

30-Year Limited Warranty

Double the Strength • 3Xs the Length

100% USA Made & Sourced

100% USA Made & Sourced

Components • Materials • Labour

Back Science Mattress Layer Diagram

Mattress Layers

Total Depth: 14"

  1. 2" Thick Flex-Comfort Ventilated Hypergel-Infused Adaptive Comfort Layer
  2. 3" Thick PostureFlex™ Ventilated Hypergel-Infused Responsive Comfort Layer
  3. 1" Thick HD-Flex™ Ventilated Transitional Support Layer
  4. Lumbar-Flex™ Zoning for Reinforced Lumbar Support
  5. 2" Thick HD-Flex™ Channeled Transitional Support Layer
  6. *3" Tall ResiliFlex™ Edge Support Reinforcement Barrier - Surrounds for Reinforced Edge Support
  7. 6" Tall DuraFlex™ Individually-Wrapped U.S. Steel Innerspring Coils (Over 1,000 in King Size) with Quantum Edge Support Reinforcement


Lumbar-Flex Zoned Lumbar Support Icon

Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Lumbar Support

Zoned Lumbar Support to promote proper spinal alignment and take pressure off your shoulders and legs.

BackFlex™ Adjustable Back Support Icon

BackFlex™ Adjustable Back Support

The optional BackFlex™ adjustable bases offer fully adjustable overall back support so you can fine-tune your comfort level on the fly.

Posture-Flex™ Hypergel Lifting Surface Technology

Posture-Flex™ Hypergel-Infused Lifting Surface

Our Posture-Flex™ Technology is the perfect blend of contouring, pressure-relieving comfort and buoyant lifting support.

Resiliflex™ Strengthening Support Base Layer

ResiliFlex™ Transitional Support

ResiliFlex™ High-Resiliancy strengthening transitional layer gives the mattress a robust foundation with strong edge support that will still flex perfectly with any adjustable base.

Airflow Cooling and Active Gel-Infused PCM Technology

Advanced Airflow & Gel-Cooling Technology

Our Patented Airflow Transfer System™ with up to 100Xs more breathability meets Posture-Flex™ gel-infused active PCM cooling to keep you cooler all night long, not just for the first 5 minutes you lay down.

GripLock Modular Cover System Keeps Everything locked in Tight

GripLock™ Modular Cover System

The GripLock™ Modular Cover System uses a breathable bamboo stretch-knit material on the surface and strengthened sides to keep everything inside locked in tight to allow for breathability and easy access for quick modifications, without having to worry about the layers sliding around.

Sleep Trial Customizations, Modifications, Exchange, and Returns

365-Night Sleep Trail & Free Customizations

We offer free customizations, modifications, exchanges, and returns during the first 360-Nights with your Back Science™ mattress. No restocking fees, ever.

Industry-Leading 30-Year Limited Warranty

30-Year Limited Warranty

We are proud to offer our industry-leading 30-Year Warranty for all Back Science™ mattresses that offers DOUBLE the sag protection and 3Xs the length of most mattress warranties.

Doctor Chiropractor Designed & Tested Support

Chiropractor-Designed & Tested

The Back Science™ mattress is the culmination of Chiropractor, Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.'s more than 20 years of experience designing and testing mattresses with back pain relief in mind.

100% USA Made & Sourced Badge

100% USA Made & Sourced

Our mattresses are made in our Southern California Factory with only 100% All-USA materials for quality and support that lasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions are customers have about the Back Science™ Bed and the technological innovations we utilize. Have a question not on this page? Feel free to send us an email to or give us a call at (800) 667-1969 to speak with a sleep expert who can personally assist you in finding the perfect fit and answer any questions you have about our products and services.

Overall, the Back Science Bed tends to be on the firmer side, but it is also universally comfortable, thanks to the contouring proprietary extra buoyant ResiliFlex™ support base and Posture-Flex™ Gel Comfort layers™. You don't need a mattress to be as hard as a rock in order to support the spine properly. Back pain sufferers too often go to a mattress that borders on floor like firmness, thereby losing any ability to fill in the bumps and curves of the body, which will not only create pressure points over time, but lead to an imbalance of the spinal alignment. While we have spent years developing the right formulation for proper spine support, we do recognize that there are going to be some cases where the customer requires a different firmness and in those cases, which is why we use our proprietary modular cover system that allows us to make firmness changes, as well as adjust the amount of lumbar support right from your home. In those special cases, we will do a custom comfort layer exchange to ensure you get the right firmness changed out at no additional cost whatsoever! You can also rest well knowing that our 4-month sleep trial gives you the ability to even exchange your mattress model if so desired and we will cover all the shipping fees to do so. Of course, you can also take us up on our 4-month sleep trial and return the mattress, since our ultimate goal is to help you find the best solution for your back pain, regardless of what solution you need to make it happen!

While we have an over 90% success right from the get go, we realize that each person is unique and after 20-years of producing mattresses and shipping them world-wide, we have perfected a solution to address any issues that can come up, should a customer not be 100% satisfied for any reason whatsoever. First, if the firmness is not to you satisfaction, we offer our totally free modifications that are easily performed in your own home. Thanks to our proprietary GripLock™ modular cover system, you can easily adjust the overall firmness of your mattress, as well as adjust the amount of lumbar support with a simple zip-on and zip-off alteration of the layering. In some cases, we may need to exchange the layering for a different level of firmness, but those layers can easily be sent through a simple UPS shipment and again, there are no extra fees associated with any modification you need during your worry-free 365-Night Sleep Trial. We can even exchange the mattress or customize a whole new one at no cost, should that be necessary for any reason. We want to establish a life-long relationship with you as a valued customer and just like we have done with our customers over these last 20-years, we offer our free modification and exchange policy to ensure that you have that certainty that we will take care of any needs you have and when we cannot do that for any reason, you can also rest assured that you can take us up on our 4-month sleep trial and even return the mattress if needed.

Thanks to our Modular Cover System, you can easily alter the firmness on one side of the mattress right from your home. If you are sure from the start that it is something that may be needed, you can easily select which firmness you want for each side from the product page and our sleep experts are here to assist you with any customizations / modification you would like to make in your mattress before it even ships to you. Just give us a call at (800) 667-1969 and we'll be happy to help!

Our customers who pair their mattress with an adjustable base often find they want separate adjustability on one side vs the other so they can, for example, stay up and watch TV or read while their partner lays flat to go to sleep. In this case, a split mattress design allows you to do this by having 2 separate mattress halves that can each move independently. However, many of our customers want to still be on one connected mattress with their partner, or don't like the idea of a seam in the middle of the mattress, this is where the Split-Top® design comes to the rescue. By only splitting the head portion of the mattress and leaving the foot portion connected, you can separately adjust the head of each side from one another without feeling separated or worrying about the mattress sides moving apart from each other. The Split-Top design does limit the amount of separate foot adjustability from one side vs the other, however most of our customers find that you can still get quite a bit of separate adjustability in the foot section without disturbing your partner's side, with just a slight slant in the middle while you've got the feet up on one side. Still confused about which design to go with? Call (800) 667-1969 to speak with a sleep expert who can help you make the right choice for you.

The important points to consider in determining whether a mattress will hold up over a long period of time are the following:

The quality of the foam
Back Science™ uses only the highest quality, 100% U.S.A. manufactured foam. Many companies will say their mattresses are manufactured in the US, but they actually use cheap foam that comes from overseas places like China and are merely assembled in the US. The material quality and quality control standards of these cheaper foams used in many mattresses on the market today not only dramatically hurts the longevity of a mattress, but can also create increased VOC emissions (toxic off-gassing). Many mattress foams that are not properly tested for VOC emissions can contain harmful, and even carcinogenic chemicals such as formaldehyde that are released from the mattresses into the air you breathe. Back Science mattresses are made with foam that is Greenguard® Gold certified, which is the highest standard of testing for VOC emissions, rated for schools and children.

The effect of sweat and skin oils on any soft surface
Because the Back Science Bed uses our Patented Airflow Transfer System™ to keep you from heating up in the night and the Posture-Flex™ Gel-Infused Surface has a cooling effect, less perspiration will occur and prevent damage to the mattress over time. It is still a good idea to use one of our Organic Cotton Kool-Flow™ Mattress Protectors to offer an extra layer of protection for your mattress from perspiration that breaks down foam, however, you can rest easy knowing that the quality materials and construction of your Back Science™ mattress are rated to last for 30 Years so, even if you don't have your mattress for its full life-span, you know it's going to support you better and for longer than other mattresses on the market today.

The foundation you use to support your mattress
While cheap box-springs are readily available, they do not offer a supportive surface for your mattress. The thinner construction of these less-supportive foundations allow them to "hammock" or "bow" in the middle which can not only put your spine out of alignment and cause restless or painful sleep, but can also damage your mattress long-term due to the foam sinking in-between the supports or misshaping from a foundation which does not stay flat. The best way to support your mattress is with one solid surface that is constructed not to bow under the weight of a mattress and person on top of it. Our True Platform Foundation is constructed right in our Southern California manufacturing facility with 100% USA materials with an array of sturdy support to keep the solid surface in shape and make sure “hammocking” doesn't occur. Our platform foundation is made similarly to hard-wood flooring with 2-3 times the amount of material normally used in a cheap box-spring to ensure lasting, quality support for the life of your mattress. If you choose to pair your mattress with an adjustable base, the steel supports and upholstered solid wood surfaces provide best-in-class support so you never have to worry about your base affecting your quality of sleep.

Due to the quality of the materials in our mattresses, they are not able to be shipped compressed like a bed-in-a-box, so they are sent large freight via special carrier in a full-sized mattress box, and the same for the adjustable bases. Smaller items such as pillows are usually sent via ups if ordered alone and arrive within a few days. Larger items such as mattresses and bed foundations usually arrive about 4 days to a week after they are shipped out from our facility, however, freight shipping times are just an estimate and cannot be guaranteed due to factors beyond our control such as changing weather conditions along the trucks' route.

For full details on our shipping policy, view full policy.

We offer our industry-leading 365-Night Sleep Trial, during which you have the option for completely free customizations, exchange, or a full return with no restocking fees, ever. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with your mattress, just give us a call and we can not only exchange for another model, but also customize the mattress to fit you personally and make sure you end up with the right fit, and we offer this service at no additional cost whatsoever. If you feel that the Back Science™ Bed is not for you, you can return it for a full refund less shipping costs. We do not charge restocking or processing fees of any kind.

For full details on our Risk-Free 365-Night Sleep Trial, view full policy.

Our Back Science™ Mattresses are backed by our industry-leading 30-Year Limited Warranty which offers double the coverage and strength of most mattress warranties. The warranty is in place to cover you against dips / sag in your mattress occurring over time. Most mattress warranties will not cover you until you have a dip of at least 1.5 inches, however, our warranty covers you at only 3/4 inch for twice the protection. Getting a dip in your mattress is the quickest way to put your alignment off and cause aches and pains in your sleep. Even though the quality of the Back Science mattresses stands above the competition by holding up better over time, you can rest assured under the protection of our warranty that you'll have quality sleep for decades to come.

For full details on our 30-Year Limited Warranty, view full policy.

Yes! We offer pay-in-installments through ShopPay, which you can choose as an option on the checkout page, or call in to apply for financing through Synchrony Bank, a well-known financing bank trusted by many companies throughout the country to finance their products and services.

For more information on ShopPay Installments, view full policy.
For more information on Synchrony Bank Financing, view full policy.

Created Exclusively for Back Pain Sufferers

Mattress Allowable Sag / Dip

Warranty Length (Limited)

Patent Pending Lumbar-Flex™ Adjustable Level Lumbar Support Zone

Patented Cooling Airflow Transfer System®

Free Full Customizations

Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover

Optional Adjustable Base w/ Patent Pending Back Stretch Program

365-Night Sleep Trial

No Bed-in-a-Box Flattening

Back Science™

Only 3/4 Inch


Level and Adjustable


1.5 Inch

10 Years

No Zone

Sleep Number®

No Sag Coverage

20 Years

No Zone


3/4 Inch

10 Years

No Zone


1.5 Inch

10 Years

Level but Not Adjustable


1.5 Inch


Non-Level (Raised Bump) Type Zone

*All trademarks referred to, including Sleep Number®, Tempur-Pedic®, Purple®, Casper®, and Saatva®, are the property of their respective owners. **Data in table accurate as of 3/29/2024.

Top Reviews

Ian F, January 23, 2024

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

Update: After 2 months my wife's back pain at night is gone! Thank you Dr. Rick and the incredible team at Ultrabed for your recommendations and expertise in finding us a great Back Science mattress!

Back Science Review Image of Customer in Showroom

My wife and I just visited the Ultrabed showroom in Agoura Hills, CA. What a great experience! Dr. Rick (the owner) and Jordan (salesperson), were patient, helpful, and no-pressure. They listened to our concerns regarding my wife's back pain with our current mattress, and as a chiropractor Dr. Rick was able to recommend various brands of mattresses and explain their design attributes, heat conduction characteristics, and features. Ultimately we settled on a custom Back Science mattress which is Rick's patented and proprietary mattress. We are looking forward to taking delivery in a few weeks and getting more restful nights of sleep.

The showroom is conveniently located off the 101 freeway, with ample parking, gentle music, a water feature, soft lighting, and a clean aesthetic. It's obvious this company cares about their customer experience and stands by their products. Highly recommend!

Lauren Dedow, February 16, 2024

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I'm a stomach sleeper so finding a mattress that is both firm enough, but also cushioned enough for my hip and shoulder pressure points is always a challenge. The folks at Ultrabed in Agoura Hills, CA were amazing. They let me try out every firm mattress they had and explained the differences between them. I settled on the Back Science Series 2, it has the perfect combo of firmness and cushioning. The lumbar support is great and helps keep my hips elevated properly and the gel foam topper gives just the right about of cushion without feeling like I'm drowning (a relief after having achy hip pressure points every morning from my old mattress). The edge support and motion isolation are also great. The delivery and set-up was super easy and they even called to check-up on me after a few weeks of sleeping on the new mattress to see if everything was feeling good. The only thing this magical mattress couldn't do was convince my cat not to wake me up at 5 am.

Back Science™ Mattress Review Photo

Mary Linn, November 19, 2023

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I found our mattress by going to the local mattress store and trying it out. The salesperson listened to our needs, he was most helpful and knowledgeable, explaining which mattress we would most benefit from. We went with the Back Science Series 2 Mattress and the Adjustable Bed with Lumbar Back-Flex Technology.They offered a good return/exchange policy in place in case it did not work out. About 2 months later, I received a phone call to see how satisfied we were with the bed. I shared the bed is amazing, especially how the adjustable bed cradles you but I would have liked it to be a little firmer along the edge. They scheduled the mattress to be the same day, pick up/return, so to give it the firmer support we were looking for. We could not be happier with our Back Science Series 2 Mattress and the service was over the top!

Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame

For over 23 years our company's high level of customer care has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As well, we have become a 2012 Hall of Fame member with our exceptional customer service.

*The Patented Airflow Transfer System Technology is protected by US Patent No. 7,334,280

**Back Science™ is a trademark of ReliefMart® Coreporation, Whereas Sleep Number® is a registered trademark of Sleep Number Corporation. All mentions of Sleep Number on this site are for the purposes of comparison and review.

***The BackFlex™ Back Stretch Program on our adjustable bases has a patent pending and is the sole intellectual property of ReliefMart® Corporation.

****Any copyrighted materials used on this site without the express permissions of the copyright owner are protected by fair use law. Under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research.