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Mattress Checker App 2.3 Degrees Deviation Angle Measurement

Test Whether Your Mattress is Properly Supporting Your Spine

Finally...the first objective way to see if your mattress really supports your spine properly. With this patent pending new technology, you can instantly check the support of your mattress in just seconds! With the Mattress Checker app you can use your Android, iPhone, or Tablet device to take a picture of someone on the mattress (you could use the timer feature if you are alone or even use a mirror for a selfie), then place 5 dots along the path of the spine from the bottom of the spine to the top and then let the app calculate your posture spinal alignment on the mattress. You can also compare one mattress to another to see if a mattress has no support or whether the Back Science mattress really does align your spine and give you that perfect sleeping posture. The mattress checker even stores your findings for comparison of your mattress to other mattresses you are looking to purchase, making the Mattress Checker the smartest way to shop for beds! You can even take advantage of our Free Consult and email one of our mattress experts the findings so that they can shed some light on why your mattress problem may be occurring and offer solutions for a better night's sleep!

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A Message From Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.,

Creator of the Mattress Checker App

Mattress Checker was created in response to all the questions I received over the years asking how an individual can really know if a mattress is supporting their spine well. While side sleeping is the most popular position, it also makes it easiest to determine the alignment of the spine, since a normal spine should be straight and not laterally deviate, unless there is Scoliosis. Even if you sleep on your back or stomach, the region of your body that will be losing support on your side will also be the same area of weakness in the mattress when you are lying in other positions, so it can still be a useful evaluation tool for sleepers of any position. The Mattress Checker is the first objective means of scientifically measuring degrees of deviation in the spine that can occur from a mattress that is not providing proper support. It can have a high degree of accuracy and precision when you use correct visual body landmarks as you place the dots along the spine and then use the two finger zoom function to really see the detail of where you are placing each dot and especially when you can actually see the spine itself during the dot placement.

The other aspect of this app. that works so well is the ability to see where the spine stress points are located, how the body is contouring to the mattress, and how well the pillow is working with your mattress. For really assessing those last aspects, you may want to take advantage of our Free Consult and email the results to one of our mattress experts or send it to your health practitioner. Other mattress evaluation tools, such as pressure mapping, will work well for determining how much pressure is being created in each area and while in certain circumstances it may be okay to allow some loss of support in an effort to improve the comfort level by decreasing the pressure points, a prolonged significant loss of support can have detrimental consequences that may not show up for many years. Only the Mattress Checker will give you the ability to measure and record an objective way to ensure a proper balance.

Wishing you a healthy night's sleep,

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.