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From a 3rd Party 2024 Customer Experience Survey

97% of Customers

Said the Back Science™ mattress helps reduce their back pain.*

98% of Customers

Found the mattress has good back support.*

96% of Customers

Reported the Back Science™ mattress gives them a cooler sleep.*

*Data is taken from an independent 3rd-party survey of Back Science™ mattress owners conducted by Trustpilot® in 2024.

Back Science Spinal Alignment Chart Bad Alignment Vs. Good Alignment

The Problem

Mattress brands say their mattress will help with your back pain, but without any way of objectively testing to see if their mattress actually keeps your spine in proper alignment, most customers waste time, money and valuable healing sleep, with no relief.

Back Science Proper Spinal Alignment Graphic

The Solution

The Back Science™ Bed is the first mattress sleep system created for back pain sufferers using real scientific objective testing to ensure that it will keep your spine in proper alignment, while giving you the most weightless contouring comfort all night long!

The Result

Whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, with Back Science, you will experience pressure relieving comfort, while still maintaining the proper spinal alignment that also helps prevent flair-ups and the wear and tear that occurs with a poorly designed mattress that won't support the back.

The Mattress Checker app works by measuring your spinal posture on a mattress while laying down on your side. It gives a real scientifically accurate and objective way of measuring how much your spine is dipping or bending upwards as a result of a softer, unsupportive or even too firm mattress.

Dr. Grant Cooper’s Review Of His Back Science Mattress

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Grant Cooper, M.D., Co-Founder of Princeton Spine and Joint Center Reviews His Experience With Back Science, Why He Is Willing To Review It and How It Has Helped Him and His Wife. He Also Offers Advice About What to Look For When Choosing The Best Mattress That's Right For You.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Grant Cooper, M.D

Doctor and Co-Founder of Princeton Spine and Joint Center

Kylie Young's Back Science 3 Mattress Helped her and her husband

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Kylie Young shares how the Back Science Series 3 Mattress helped her during pregnancy along with her tall husbands back pain.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Kylie Young

Pregnant Back Pain Sufferer

Dr. Monica Leslie's Back Healing Journey: From Injury to Blissful Sleep!

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Dr. Monica Leslie, a renowned physical therapist from Greater Los Angeles discusses her experience with the Back Science Series 3 mattress and how it has helped with her recovery of her shoulder pain and injury. After purchasing the mattress and using it, she feels it provides comfort and support for stomach and side sleepers with a luxurious bed that feels like floating on a supportive cloud. Dr. Monica makes it know that believes strongly in the connection to overall wellness through quality sleep.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Dr. Monica Leslie

Doctor of Physical Therapy

How a Retired Surgeon Feels About the Back Science™ Series 2 Mattress

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Dr. Paul Walsh, a retired reconstructive surgeon talks about his experience at Back Science and why he chose to purchase a Series 2 mattress and adjustable base to help alleviate his back pain.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Dr. Paul Walsh

Retired Reconstructive Surgeon

How Back Science Mattress Helps Me with Scoliosis

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Alen talks about what it's like using the Back Science™ mattress and how it helps him as a scoliosis sufferer.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Alen Khoduzadeh

Scoliosis Sufferer

Carlos Rivera - Firefighter/Paramedic

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Carlos Rivera - Firefighter/Paramedic Back Science Series 2 and Series 3 Mattresses. He decided that he needed one to protect his back at the fire station, as well as at home.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Carlos Rivera

Firefighter and Paramedic

Dr. Justin Anderson, D.C. Reviews His Back Science Mattress

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Dr. Anderson describes his experience with the Back Science spinal support, cooling and why he and his wife Dr. Kimberly, (the other Dr. Anderson), chose to sleep on the Back Science mattress over their former Tempur-Pedic brand choice and why they both recommend it to their patients.

Back Science testimonial profile image

Dr. Justin Anderson

Chiropractor and Founder Of Wellness Montana

Dr. Navjot Gill, D.C. Back Science Series 2 Review

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Dr. Navjot Gill, a Chiropractor discusses her experience sleeping on the Back Science Series 2 mattress and why she recommends it to her patients, along with the Arc4Life Traction Pillow

Back Science testimonial profile image

Dr. Navjot Gill

Chiropractor and Product Developer

Chiropractor Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C. gives demonstration of key features of Back Science™ Sleep System

Introducing the Back Science™ Sleep System

While I created the Back Science Sleep System to help back pain sufferers and those who want to maintain a healthy spine, it really was created by all the thousands of customers I worked with over the years who contributed their feedback about what did and did not work for them, including the bed support, comfort, temperature changes, partner motion transfer, edge support, ability to turn more easily on the mattress and even the finer details. It’s why I am so proud of the feedback I see day in and day out with Back Science and I look forward to one day hearing your experience added to those many voices!

Chiropractor Dr. Rick Swartzburg Signature

Dr. Rick Swartzburg, D.C.
Back Science™ C.E.O.

Let Dr. Rick Explain Why ➤

Back Science Mattress Back Pain Lumbar Support

Series 1

Best for back sleepers

Firmness Icon


Advanced Support

Advanced adaptive support at an affordable cost with a more solid feel. Great for any position but best for back sleepers.

Enhanced Adaptive Back Support

Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Lumbar Support

Enhanced Cooling Technology and Breathability

PostureFlex™ Hypergel Lift Support

Chiropractor Designed & Tested

Greenguard® Gold Certified for Lowest VOC Emissions

Resili-Flex™ Strengthening Support Base

Hypoallergenic & Doctor Recommended

Back Science Mattress Back Pain Lumbar Support

Series 2

Best for all-position sleepers

Firmness Icon

Hybrid Luxury Firm

Elite Luxury Support

Elite adaptive support and luxury feel for greater contour and pressure-relief. Best for mixed / any position sleepers.

Advanced Adaptive Support & Comfort

Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Lumbar Support

Enhanced Cooling Technology and Breathability

PostureFlex™ Hypergel Lift Support

Chiropractor Designed & Tested

U.S. Steel Individually Wrapped Spring Coils - Over 1,000 in King Size

Quantum Edge Support Double-Strength Coils Reinforcement & Upper Cradle

Greenguard® Gold Certified for Lowest VOC Emissions for Schools

Hypoallergenic & Doctor Recommended

Back Science Mattress Back Pain Lumbar Support

Series 3

Best for side sleepers

Firmness Icon

Hybrid Medium Plush

Supreme Luxury Support

Our most luxurious model offers a more plush feel for greater contour and pressure-relief. Best for side sleepers.

Supreme Adaptive Support & Comfort

Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Lumbar Support

Enhanced Cooling Technology and Breathability

PostureFlex™ Hypergel Lift Support

Chiropractor Designed & Tested

U.S. Steel Individually Wrapped Spring Coils - Over 1,000 in King Size

Quantum Edge Support Double-Strength Coils Reinforcement & Upper Cradle

Greenguard® Gold Certified for Lowest VOC Emissions for Schools

Hypoallergenic & Doctor Recommended

Compare Us Against Other Brands

Scroll Brands

Created Exclusively for Back Pain Sufferers

Mattress Allowable Sag / Dip

Warranty Length (Limited)

Patent Pending Lumbar-Flex™ Adjustable Level Lumbar Support Zone

Patented Cooling Airflow Transfer System®

Free Full Customizations

Kool-Flow Bamboo Cover

Optional Adjustable Base w/ Patent Pending Back Stretch Program

365-Night Sleep Trial

No Bed-in-a-Box Flattening

Back Science™

Only 3/4 Inch


Level and Adjustable


1.5 Inch

10 Years

No Zone

Sleep Number®

No Sag Coverage

20 Years

No Zone


3/4 Inch

10 Years

No Zone


1.5 Inch

10 Years

Level but Not Adjustable


1.5 Inch


Non-Level (Raised Bump) Type Zone

*All trademarks referred to, including Sleep Number®, Tempur-Pedic®, Purple®, Casper®, and Saatva®, are the property of their respective owners. **Data in table accurate as of 3/29/2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions are customers have about the Back Science™ Bed and the technological innovations we utilize. Have a question not on this page? Feel free to send us an email to or give us a call at (800) 667-1969 to speak with a sleep expert who can personally assist you in finding the perfect fit and answer any questions you have about our products and services.

Ultrabed Flagship Location

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Zoned Lumbar Support Reinforcement

Our proprietary Lumbar-Flex™ Zoned Lumbar Support technology strengthens and reinforces the horizontal midsection of your mattress to keep your lumbar supported and prevent sinking in. Mattresses that are unsupportive due to excess softness in the middle or cheap materials that mat down cause your hips to sink and put your spine out of alignment. With reinforced lumbar support, the Back Science™ mattresses promote proper spinal alignment by keeping your hips and lumbar supported to ensure your spine stays straight throughout the night. Everyone's body is different and you may need a different level of lumbar support than someone else, so we have made the lumbar support in the mattress easily adjustable by simply unzipping the mattress and sliding in and out the lumbar support zone foam to achieve the right amount of lift for you, personally.


Hypergel Buoyant Lift Surface

Introducing the PostureFlex™ Hypergel-Infused Comfort Surface. This one-of-a-kind technology uses a gel-infusion to give you extra buoyant lifting support right where you need it. Many mattresses are either too soft and lack support or too firm and can't contour to the bumps and curves of your body. Our Hypergel surface adapts instantly to the bumps and curves of your body to give you instant pressure-point relief. Our PostureFlex™ gel infusion provides an adaptive, conforming surface that matches your body like memory foam, however, unlike memory foam our hypergel has a buoyant, "springy" lift that help to come up to meet you, filling in the gaps in support and preventing you from sinking into the mattress too far. With the newer "gel-type" mattresses you get the benefits of latex and memory foam without the pitfalls!


Adjustable Back & Lumbar Support Bases

Similar to the lumbar adjustment you may have in your car, select BackFlex™ adjustable base models come equipped with fully adjustable back support so you can control your overall back support on the fly. Depending on how far down the mattress you lay (from head to foot of mattress), you can control whether you add in extra lumbar support or more overall back support. On days when your back is extra sore, recovering from an injury, or otherwise needs more support than you normally do, you can use select adjustable base models to bring in extra support through the mattress that adjusts with the press of a button. In addition to the basic adjustable base features that allow you to raise and lower the head & feet section of the mattress, the adjustable lumbar / back support allows you to fine-tune your comfortable resting support level on the fly.


Strengthening Lumbar & Edge Support

At the core of the Back Science™ mattress is the ResiliFlex™ strengthening support transition layers, which serve to add extra conforming support to the mattress and prevent you from sinking in, as well as reinforce the zoned lumbar support and edge support in the mattress. Using our ResiliFlex™ high-density support foam, we create a strengthened barrier around the edge of the mattress to prevent you from feeling "pushed off" the edge of the mattress. With the exception of the Series 1 mattress, which uses ResiliFlex™ support foam to add extra strength to the lumbar portion with zoning, our mattress models use high-quality, individually-wrapped spring coils to reinforce the buoyancy and support of the mattress. Our wrapped coils, with over 1,000 in a king size, are zoned to bolster the edge zoning and reinforce it even further to take your edge and lumbar support to the next level.


Modular Cover System

Traditional mattresses using wool, cotton, or other fiber top-layering need to sew or tuft the inside layers of the mattress into the cover to keep everything in place, similar to how a down "puffer" jacket works. However, due to the nature of our PostureFlex™ gel-infused layering, we have designed a modular cover system that can be unzipped and opened on the fly for easy access to make adjustments or customizations to the feel and support, while keeping everything locked in place tight with our GripLock™ stretch technology. Our stretch cover technology not only allows for easy modifications, but also bolsters the buoyant support and plush comfort of the Back Science™ bed by pulling in at the sides and creating a loaded "spring" effect in the top layer, resulting in even greater support and an even more luxurious feel.

Airflow Transfer System™

Up to 100Xs More Breathable

Our *Patented Airflow Transfer System Cooling Technology is a system of using thousands of holes in the upper portion of the mattress that connect all the way through to horizontal channels lower down in the mattress to allow for up to 100Xs more breathability than other mattresses on the market. This technology works by allowing air to freely flow through many pathways in the top of the mattress and out the sides, and vice-versa. Creating these open pathways exponentially increases the breathability of the mattress, which does the work of carrying your body heat out throughout the night and keeping the total system's temperature down as a result. Continuously cycling new air throughout the mattress over the greatly increased surface area created by the airflow transfer system provides a breathability and cooling effect that cannot be achieved any other way.

Top Reviews

Ian F, January 23, 2024

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

Update: After 2 months my wife's back pain at night is gone! Thank you Dr. Rick and the incredible team at Ultrabed for your recommendations and expertise in finding us a great Back Science mattress!

Back Science Review Image of Customer in Showroom

My wife and I just visited the Ultrabed showroom in Agoura Hills, CA. What a great experience! Dr. Rick (the owner) and Jordan (salesperson), were patient, helpful, and no-pressure. They listened to our concerns regarding my wife's back pain with our current mattress, and as a chiropractor Dr. Rick was able to recommend various brands of mattresses and explain their design attributes, heat conduction characteristics, and features. Ultimately we settled on a custom Back Science mattress which is Rick's patented and proprietary mattress. We are looking forward to taking delivery in a few weeks and getting more restful nights of sleep.

The showroom is conveniently located off the 101 freeway, with ample parking, gentle music, a water feature, soft lighting, and a clean aesthetic. It's obvious this company cares about their customer experience and stands by their products. Highly recommend!

Lauren Dedow, February 16, 2024

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I'm a stomach sleeper so finding a mattress that is both firm enough, but also cushioned enough for my hip and shoulder pressure points is always a challenge. The folks at Ultrabed in Agoura Hills, CA were amazing. They let me try out every firm mattress they had and explained the differences between them. I settled on the Back Science Series 2, it has the perfect combo of firmness and cushioning. The lumbar support is great and helps keep my hips elevated properly and the gel foam topper gives just the right about of cushion without feeling like I'm drowning (a relief after having achy hip pressure points every morning from my old mattress). The edge support and motion isolation are also great. The delivery and set-up was super easy and they even called to check-up on me after a few weeks of sleeping on the new mattress to see if everything was feeling good. The only thing this magical mattress couldn't do was convince my cat not to wake me up at 5 am.

Back Science™ Mattress Review Photo

Mary Linn, November 19, 2023

5 out of five star rating on Trustpilot

I found our mattress by going to the local mattress store and trying it out. The salesperson listened to our needs, he was most helpful and knowledgeable, explaining which mattress we would most benefit from. We went with the Back Science Series 2 Mattress and the Adjustable Bed with Lumbar Back-Flex Technology.They offered a good return/exchange policy in place in case it did not work out. About 2 months later, I received a phone call to see how satisfied we were with the bed. I shared the bed is amazing, especially how the adjustable bed cradles you but I would have liked it to be a little firmer along the edge. They scheduled the mattress to be the same day, pick up/return, so to give it the firmer support we were looking for. We could not be happier with our Back Science Series 2 Mattress and the service was over the top!

Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame

For over 23 years our company's high level of customer care has earned us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As well, we have become a 2012 Hall of Fame member with our exceptional customer service.

*The Patented Airflow Transfer System Technology is protected by US Patent No. 7,334,280

**Back Science™ is a trademark of Relief-Mart Coreporation, Whereas Sleep Number® is a registered trademark of Sleep Number Corporation. All mentions of Sleep Number on this site are for the purposes of comparison and review.

***The BackFlex™ Back Stretch Program on our adjustable bases has a patent pending and is the sole intellectual property of Relief-Mart Corporation.

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